Crazy hounds

It was one of those sunshine and showers days today but we managed a good cycle ride in the morning punctuated with a stop for an almond magnum, then it was to work on an image for Cath’s Etsy site where she sells her creatures (all crafted from socks) and yes some were mine and yes they were sterilised and fumigated before she handled them!
Etsy if you havn’t seen it is a site for all things hand-made and crafty, a great place for gifts. Cath’s creatures have all got personalities and are mostly one-offs although sometimes they have been known to mutate and clone themselves, checkout her store and see for your self or even order one for christmas!
The shot was a two strobe setup, one through a brolly camera right and the other in the background left on low power providing some fill, used a wide angle lens fairly close in which seems to be a popular technique at the moment.

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