Stormy skies

Don’t know why the time seems to go quicker this time of year, once summer is done and dusted autumn appears to tumble it’s way through misty mornings, burning off to reveal clear blue skies or sometimes days where it never seems to get light at all interspersed with rain and plenty of it. We were in Angouleme for the famous Circuit de remparts where old Bugattis (a million pounds a pop +/-) and other vintage racing cars hurtle through the historic parts of the city on a road circuit, great fun and plenty to snap away at, will try to make a poster in the near future.

Other seasonal accomplishments include a new batch of onion chutney and a couple of pounds of quince jam so quintessentially English you can almost smell the linseed oil and cucumber sandwiches from the village green on a Sunday afternoon, last week’s cake was a Victoria sponge and today saw a banana and walnut loaf and an apple charlotte with apples from the garden,

The sky this evening was so dramatically dark it seemed a shame not to capture it on film (or rather a sensor) now the technical bit… light was provided by 2 SB800’s fired through a shower curtain hanging in a doorway just out of shot camera right, used some Lucis and increased saturation in post to make the colours pop.
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