A Billingham bag

Selling this one with some regret as it’s got such a quality feel to it, if you’ve never heard of them Billingham are a smallish company out of the UK making these bags for photographers since the 70’s they are somewhat iconic in an age where some manufacturers are now designing camera bags that don’t look like camera bags. Sad

Today we had an hour longer due to the clocks falling back, made another Lemon cake and some shortbread with the old 1-2-3 recipe, never fails. I use 75 gms of castor sugar, 150 gms of soft butter and 225 gms of plain flour and today threw in a small handful of flaked almonds, 20 minutes at 180 centigrade and then we ate them, isn’t that what Sundays are for?

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One thought on “A Billingham bag

  1. just checking your blog with your adorable wife in weibern!!
    love your way of putting things, still i dont get everything as i am not totally ENGLISH!!
    NICE THOUGH – take care,
    Chris and Cath


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