Two thousand and ten

It has been without question, a funny start to 2010 Max has been through a pretty tough time with a malignant tumor which had made best friends with one of his kidneys, this led to him losing weight as he was not able to maintain his own protein levels, and after a multitude of tests, discussion and sample analysis it culminated with surgery to remove the offending kidney, the vets and surgeons were suitably sympathetic but none the less a pretty traumatic experience for all concerned. He is now home and resting with various antibiotics, pain-killers and anti-nausea tablets but remarkably after a little more than 24 hours after his op he was beginning to show a little of his old self. We are very relieved and are optimistic for a full recovery having learnt that it is possible (humans too) to survive on one kidney operating at only 20 percent efficiency.
It is all set to be a busy start to the new decade for us with many projects in the pipeline and we eagerly look forward to the end of the snow and the start of spring (am I too early with that wish? ) friends of ours have in recent years taken to going away to warmer climes for the winter months even though they love where they live, not such a bad idea we may consider it in the future.
I did formulate some kind of resolutions at the start of January but will monitor their progress internally until I see fit to publish any results… what I can reveal is that I am currently working on a completely new website and am dipping my toe in to the icy waters of HDR photography an example of which is at the top of this post, in short it is based on capturing the High Dynamic Range of a series of images under and over exposed by a number of F stops which are subsequently blended together and tweaked in post processing to produce images with a some-what painterly quality, more to follow. Happy new year to all.
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