Sunday blues

It rained the whole day today so it was a good idea to go and visit a museum, we went to the Art Museum where there was an exhibition of photography, the first part of the exhibits was a section of prints from someone who had sat on a photocopier with no pants on, it made me think about the many hours I have spent   sometimes trying to get an image right in camera and then in photoshop, I tried to put in prospective what made art art, anyway we stopped at a cake shop on the way home which made the journey worthwhile!
Later on I was practising with 2 flash setups and used a blue gel and a grid to project a pattern using a wire backed chair on the wall and lit Cath with a SB800 through a brolley. The other one I decided to convert to B&W with photoshop I’m going to do some different conversions and see which I prefer as there are many ways to do this.

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