Lightroom versus Photoshop

I have been reading a lot lately (idly googling) about the merits of both Photoshop and Lightroom in terms of which is more, let’s say approachable as part of a basic work flow for post production in digital photography. Without question they are both incredibly powerful pieces of software in their own right, Photoshop itself has hundreds or even thousands of possibilities to render a digital capture to a point far beyond whatever was squinted at on the small screen on the back of the camera it was captured with, and although I would describe my own skills as competent at best; I am sure I use only a very very small percentage of it’s capabilities. Lightroom on the other hand although offering let’s say a paired down set of actual editing tools (still loads and everything you need) but more of a complete overall process in terms of getting your images into a library, allowing selection and then editing and finally out-putting to web, slideshow or filing/printing wherever, so more of a one-stop-shop. It seems they are not really competitors (after all both made by the same Adobe and you can actually flick an image back and forth between the two) but instead rather compliment each other and provide photographers with a mighty arsenal with which to go about their business to whatever level and extent they choose.

Here’s a recent of Frank with basic editing using Lightroom

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