Brioche by bread machine

I must say that having tried many recipes in our now ageing Panasonic bread machine this is right up there with the best and I thought I would share it with all (both) of you.
Brioche is a French classic and falls under the enriched bread dough category and honestly all those years spent as a pastry chef come flooding back when I smell this wonderful bread wafting through the house.
We always use the timer mode so you can wake up and think you are in a bakery.
Depending on your bread machine things go in a particular order, here is what works in ours and I always use the basic setting with a medium crust:

  • 1 packet of fast acting dried yeast
  • 350gr white bread flour
  • 2 tbspn castor sugar
  • 1 tspn salt
  • 1 egg
  • 80gr unsalted butter
  • 175ml milk

Like all bread machine loaves it needs to rest for an hour before you slice it, use that time to walk around it and marvel at it’s fine form and shape.

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