Lighting furniture and ABBA

I do have some experience lighting people but not really with furniture, I am sure that like architectural photography it has a whole set of it’s own peculiarities and tricks etc but this was more of a documentation of a chair that Cath has just re-upholstered which I believe is from the late twenties or early thirties (feel free to correct me you chair enthusiasts!)
This was actually lit with four separate flash heads using Nikon CLS including the small built in flash on my D200 used for a little fill on the front side, I guess I could also have used a reflector for that, anyway here are the details:
1 SB 800 camera left on a stand snooted with a sawn-off pringles tube at 1/8th power
1 SB 800 camera right on the floor and slightly behind the chair also snooted at 1/16th power
1 SB 900 bounced off the white ceiling in SU4 mode, I think 1/32nd power
and the built in flash set to manual and 1/64th power
Shutter speed was 1/200th second and F5.6 at 200 iso
There is a setup shot here

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