Quite a day

It started normally enough, for a Sunday you know, get up late after reading and drinking tea in bed, cooked breakfast, bacon, egg, sausage, fresh coffee, bread from the bread machine etc and finally get out of the door around 12 ish. We were going to the sea side but Frank (who had already escaped from the garden once this morning and gone on walk-about-looking-for-cats/pheasants) got scent of a pheasant in the front garden and launched himself towards the fence where the un-suspecting dopey bird was sheltering from the icy wind, he seemed to get it in his mouth but after much flapping and shedding of plumage, it managed to take off and escape.
Frank was chipper and pretty pleased with his efforts, then when we got to the seaside, the sea was frozen as far out as you could see, I mean c’mon tomorrow is the last date of February! it has to start getting spring-like and daffodils and such like shouldn’t it?.
So as you can see, as a result Frank could hardly concentrate on his piano practice.


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