A recipe for lemon cake

Some recipes are just classics they are very simple, (like this one) basic and reliable, the way to get a good result from them is to know your basic techniques, use good quality ingredients, know your oven, weigh your ingredients carefully and practice your technique. That is what brings you consistency and confidence, when your cake turns out rubbish it is generally not the fault of the cake! Anyway, try this:

Oven temperature should be as a guide 170c or so
A loaf tin lined with baking paper is good for this but you could use a round tin too.

225gr Unsalted butter
225gr Caster sugar
4 Eggs
225gr Self raising flour or plain flour with a little baking powder
2 Lemons grated zest (juice squeezed and keep to one side)

All of the above should be at room temperature.
You can do this 2 ways either: creaming together the butter and sugar until pale, adding the eggs 1 by 1 and then the flour and lemon zest or
Throw it all in the food processor and buzz it for half a minute

While it’s baking (it will take 45 mins to an hour), mix the juice of the 2 lemons with 85gr Castor sugar

When a thin knife or skewer comes out clean from the centre of the cake it’s done, take from the oven and brush the lemon juice and sugar all over the top, leave to cool before removing from tin and eat, don’t be mean and cut slices too thin!

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