Holiday snaps

I have never been a big fan of mobile phone cameras until I got to use the iPhone but now I can honestly say the results can be quite amazing and with a little tweaking with some of the great apps available really fun!
I especially like the way you can just take a shot and then it’s back in your pocket with no lens cap to put on and no buttons, knobs to twiddle etc. ok, quality for big prints and manual controls and some bells and whistles are not there yet but here’s a few from our recent trip down south.

A classic mighty Oak

Tobacco plants (never seen those before)
An  under-ground church carved out of rock (what..??)
Cows doing cow stuff (looking)
Frank and sunflowers

And of course Frank reversing a tractor

More soon…..

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One thought on “Holiday snaps

  1. I like the sepia tone that you did on the mighty Oak tree photo. The lighting and shadow were balance and harmonious. The photo, Frank and Sunflowers, is great as well. The photos are all lovely.


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