Mint and mincer

I remember going to a small garden at a place called Sissinghurst in Kent with my Mum some years back, it was called Idencroft herb garden  a real typical English garden and what I remember about it most was all the varieties of Mint they had growing there, I think there were literally dozens of different ones, Spearmint, Peppermint, Applemint, Lemon, Cinnamon and so many others and I remember rubbing the leaves between my fingers and sniffing, after a while there were so many scents on your hand you couldn’t smell the difference any more (bit like in the duty free shop at the airport!)
We visited somewhere a bit similar this morning and although they had less types of Mint it reminded me of Kent… we bought one plant called Eau de cologne (a Mint) and we’ll plant it in a pot.


And with a rather tenuous link, what about our new mincer… (sorry) it’s real solid, heavy, made in Sweden by Husqvarna and I think rather iconic, it has an enamel lining which I found unusual anyway bought it at a second-hand shop yesterday and we will probably make some mince for sausages or burgers soon.


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