Logging in

Yesterday was brilliant, we hired a trailer then went to a farm and collected 3 cubic metres of logs to be prepared for the winter, last year we were newbies and didn’t know where to get it and when we found out it was too late so we had to make many journeys to the hardware store and get those iddy-biddy bags of logs made of nylon netting that cuts in to your hands on the way back to the car anyway, we weren’t sure what 3 cubic meters would look like but the farm man new exactly what to do, it was 3 scoops of his tractor fork as you can see.
Then we had three hours (trailer hire time) to decant the logs and get them into storage and stacked nicely, it was quite a work-out but all got done just minutes before a cloud break and thunder storm.

Later on when all the logs were safely in the dry it was time to take some pictures of Cath, Maggie and the latest creature we were/still not sure what his name is; we thought something appropriate for the day like “Stumpy” or “Woody” but ended with “Woodyard” anyway here he is, if you have a better suggestion for his name please feel free to comment.
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