The very end of 2011

My grandad always liked the parson’s nose of a roast chicken, he always used to call it “the last bit over the fence” so this day in December is more or less the same last bit over the fence. At midnight tonight the bongs of Big-Ben in London will herald the arrival of another year which will no doubt bring with it the usual raft of surprises, happy times and good fortune to most of us, it’s the time to make resolutions and plans for all the things we will hope to do differently.
In terms of blogging I am going to post more food photography and publish more recipes they seem to be tops in the ratings I see from my viewer statistics, strangely enough the most viewed post since I started this blog is this one I don’t know why there is so much interest in a pair of folding spectacles!
Thanks to everyone who has stopped by (I can tell you, you cover a wide area of the globe) and please let me know if there is any other aspect of photography, food or other trivia you would like to see more of.
In closing this year I would like to share a short video that is dedicated to all the other dog owners out there who think your dog is better trained than he really is. Enjoy and happy 2012 to all!

The youtube video

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