Food photography part 1

I did say at the start of the year that I would strive to produce more photography involving food, well I have recently been researching techniques and theories concerning lighting for food, and I can say the jury is well and truly split between those who advocate natural light and those who extol the virtues of flash, it is also clear  that the trend for the moment is to shoot “real” food as opposed to stage managing ingredients that are substitutes for food  for example scoops of cream cheese supposed to imitate ice cream and ice cubes made of clear plastic. For sure there are situations where all these tricks have their rightful place but for the regular contributions to satisfy the media’s hunger as part of magazines, websites and blogs then the immediacy and raw reality of real food works. Lighting-wise it appears that the norm is to light food from the back and fill the shadows on camera side with reflective materials ranging from mirrors, white card to scrunched up silver paper.
Here are some test shots I made today using some odds and ends from around the kitchen. More to come…


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