Shiny things

I was presented with this interesting coffee/tea pot (not sure which) fresh from a second hand market in Copenhagen, shiny things present a particular set of challenges for the everyday photographer especially when using flash mainly due to the highly reflective surfaces, so, I set about shooting it with a number of different setups, all with flash ranging from a single on-camera flash and ending up with 3 off-camera. All were shot with the same exposure 1/250th @ F8 against the same grey card background and all have had the same very basic retouching.

1. Simple on-camera flash, note the harsh,
ugly shadows behind and bright reflection of the flash.

2. Flash still on camera but angled up and bounced off the ceiling,
 less shadow and  better rendition of the grey  background

3. Now the flash is off the camera and positioned on a stand  45 degrees to the right
and above, shadow now falls on the table and the pot has
more definition and less reflections but I still didn’t like it.

4. A little more complex, 2 flashes 1 from either side through kitchen paper
to diffuse and one flash from camera right with a blue gel to accent the
grey background a little, also a white card directly above,
nice even reflections and good detail in the pot itself.

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