No not that SAS, these are the SAS shoe-makers who are in San Antonio, Texas and they produce THE most comfortable shoes ever, these are mine and I have had them for years now and before these I had some more, you would really get fed up with them before they wear out, they will not win any catwalk prizes for high-end fashion but boy are they nice to your feet. As you can see in the picture above the eyelets for the laces are wearing and there is now a split in one of the soles but I will wear them until they literally fall apart! look at the heels, hardly worn down what are they made of? I don’t know but if I ever get to be on dessert island disc then SAS shoes will most likely be on my list of things to have.
What are your favourite shoes?  
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2 thoughts on “The SAS

  1. My absolute favourite shoes are by Russell and Bromley and they are black leather tassle loafers. They never go out of fashion. Maybe they never were in fashion. They are well made and very comfortable and look good with all types of clothes. And one can run in them. The only shoes that I like more are the same design but in brown. These are called Chester loafers. I wear size 7 UK, 40 Euro, 8.5 US. Donations of the above always welcome. If they are a bit worn then I still don't mind. I could provide a rest home for Russell and Bromley loafers. I have some Gucci loafers also but they are on the smart side and I have to worry about them a bit if it rains. I do not like shoes that are all tottery-about and clicky heeled.


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