My Nikon D70

This is my D70, it’s a brilliant camera, I bought mine in 2004 (in digital terms that’s now a dinosaur) that’s the year they came out and like most new Nikon DSLR cameras, they were hard to get hold of because the demand was so great and Nikon can’t seem to keep up. You can pick them up 2nd hand now for about 200 Euros thats a lot of camera for the money! There have been many cameras in the Nikon range since then but the D70 still cuts it.
A lot of people are obsessed about how many millions of pixels their camera has, in reality that is not so important anymore how many do you need? well most people only print the odd picture, most are put on the web on blogs like this or shared via Flickr, Facebook etc.
The D70 has 6.1 million pixels and at it’s launch Nikon claimed it was good for prints up to 11 x 14 inches, with this camera a few years back I printed a poster sized 3ft by 2ft that was used for advertising a restaurant! One advantage of having less pixels is you get many many more pictures on your memory card.

Here’s a beat up old Maglite torch and a watch I shot today with the D70 and a 90mm macro lens.
If I had to recommend a camera to someone starting out it would be the D70, it takes virtually every lens that Nikon ever made in that fit and even has a remote control to take pictures that costs less than 15 Euros!

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