Cross but not-so-hot

It’s Good Friday today and Easter time should be sunny but today it was not, it rained on/off so it was a staying-in day. Despite the weather I made the above shot look sunny by using a bare flash off camera way over to the right with a coloured gel called a 1/2 CTO (colour temperature orange) which makes the light look warm, and when you put it far from the subject you are shooting, it looks like sunshine streaming through the window.
Then as tradition has it on such days there were Hot cross buns to be made, I use a great recipe from THE BREAD BOOK by Linda Collister and Anthony Blake which is a brilliant book with many (over 130) different breads, buns, sweet, sour, savoury recipes and this particular recipe works every time. Actually I have made these buns the last 3 weeks on the trot, I just don’t know where they go, sometimes I don’t put the cross on the top. When they are fresh from the oven I brush them with a cold sugar syrup to make them sticky, look there’s one missing already…..

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