No ice, no lemon

I wanted to shoot a picture of a Scotch on the rocks, set up all the lighting with an empty glass, checked exposure F8, 1/200 second, iso 100 for a nice clean image, main light bounced off a white foam core background, 1 additional light directly above, camera spiked on a tripod nice and level, 90mm macro lens for a tight, compressed aspect and then realised… no Scotch and no ice (planning is everything right?) when I say no ice, I actually had some ice cubes but they were very old and cloudy, anyway I made some “Scotch” using cold tea and made some test shots with the cloudy ice cubes.
They were rubbish, so I went ahead and made some shots without ice, after some research I learnt most photographers for these type of images use acrylic plastic ice, why? because it doesn’t melt and transmits light much more effectively so now I have a plan…. in the meantime here are the results from today. The last one is actually my favourite, I managed to fire the shutter with one hand whilst pouring in to the glass.



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