Studio in a box

Today I took a box left over from our recent move and converted it into a studio with not much more than a craft knife, some tape and some silicone tracing paper, it’s a quick, cheap and versatile way to get some great results with close-ups like product photography or for items to sell on ebay etc.
I cut basically 3 square windows in the box and taped the tracing paper over the 2 on the sides, you can also see from the setup photo below how I left a couple of the flaps on, these act as gobo’s to stop the light from the 2 side flashes entering the lens and causing flare, I also cut another hole in the top of the box for when I might like to light something from the top, it’s easy to throw some more tracing paper or a piece of net curtain, shower curtain or almost any translucent material over the opening and fire a flash through it.

The shots below are all with 2 flashes 1 from each side on equal power 1/16th, the only thing I changed was from a piece of white paper as a back ground to a piece of black paper but the variables are infinite; you could choose any colour paper for a back ground or use coloured gels on the flashes, you could vary the power of the flashes or just have 1 from the side or just 1 from the top. You could also substitute card as a base and use a glazed tile or a mirror instead.
Camera settings were 1/250th second at f11 on manual 100 iso.



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