This curious item would fit very well in the same category as my amazing folding spectacles which you may have missed, see them here that post by the way is the most viewed post ever on this blog.
Now this at first glance and for all intents and purposes is a hammer (a rather glamorous looking one too) but on closer inspection it has a hidden secret, hit the jump for more:

This hammer was a Christmas present to my wife, it was purchased in the upholstery section in a DIY store in the UK and the amazing thing about it is it has a number of screwdrivers concealed in it’s handle in a sort of Russian doll style which makes it a bit of a Swiss army hammer! What I find strange is the fact that it’s so beautifully decorated yet you are supposed to hammer things with it…. will the glaze all break off? I’m not going to be the one to test it.

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