The Amber man

Where we live is well known for an abundance of Amber or “gold from the north” as they used to call it, you can find it all along the coast of all countries on the southern Baltic sea and in the Autumn many people head for the beaches in the hope of  finding a big chunk.
It has many stories etched in history regarding it’s healing properties and benefits covering all manner of conditions from gout, rheumatism and snakebites to protection against evil spirits and witchcraft, if you have seen the movie Jurassic park you may recall they extracted the DNA of dinosaurs from blood in the stomach of a mosquito embedded in a piece of Amber.

This is Kai, he is an expert in collecting and working with Amber and has been doing so for more than 30 years, he told us that he often spent 3 hours or more at a time on the beach in the southern part of Sweden searching for these stones, he let on there are certain weather conditions that are optimum for finding a bumper crop and as a result has amassed quite a collection over the years.
This Amber we were told is somewhere between 30 and 50 million years old and Kai showed us some examples with insects clearly visible inside the stone imagine 50 million years old!
Kai makes a wide variety of jewelry, ornaments and key rings from Amber and shapes, polishes and fashions his stones in a carefully arranged workshop with an impressive array of tools and machinery.
Thanks to Kai who was kind enough to allow me to photograph him working and some of his many finished products from his collection.

Kai at work

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