Just sour grapes?

Well I followed the method for sourdough starter, this one with grapes and all went well to start with, here is how it looked after 3 days, nice and smelly with lot’s of sour, yeasty action!

So I started to feed it with more flour and water as per the instructions and that’s when it all came to a racing stop. I googled the problem and found many similar tales of dead or visibly inactive starters and a myriad of remedies so here we are a week later and it’s in a dark cupboard in the kitchen just sitting there since Friday, granted there are a few bubbles appearing on the top but it’s slow in it’s development to say the least. Let’s see.
So the book arrived and looks good, I was a bit surprised to see how similar many of the recipes are in terms of ingredients and quantities but best way is to get baking so here are this weekend’s results, the first is a white “split-tin” (I remember my mum sending me to the bakers when I was young and asking for one of these) it’s pretty basic and is the same recipe I use for my bloomer except it asks for butter and not olive oil and a bit less. Quite tasty, nice light crust.
Next was a similar loaf but this time with half white flour and half wholemeal or “Grahams Mjol” as it’s called here, this was a very slow loaf, nearly 3 hours to prove as a dough and then 2 hours in the tin which is a good thing as far as bread is concerned as the slow development aids the flavour produced by carbon dioxide from the yeast. I used a different tin for this one and like the shape better.

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