Pomegranates, pottery and Paul Hollywood

There, that should put the search engines through their paces, today was a rainy day, in fact it didn’t really get light before it started getting dark again and it’s a bit early for that type of meteorological behaviour, yesterday in contrast was nice, went to photograph a pottery class run by Anya Rozijn in a nearby further education centre here is Anya loading the kiln and some “helping hands”

Later on it was time to photograph the pomegranates I bought last week, and I wanted them to look a bit moody to suit the weather so I assembled some props against an old cushion (How that ended up looking like wood panelling was a happy accident) with a false shelf and this is the result, quite happy with it in general but now wish I had left a few seeds around the knife at the front. Comments welcome.

And finally re: Paul Hollywood, the sourdough starter I thought I had killed suddenly made somewhat of a recovery and is in fact now in a dough and sitting there trying to double it’s size. More to come on that. 


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