Crumpets, chutney and panettone

A couple of firsts this week, witnessing winds the likes of which I have never seen for such a prolonged period (24 hours plus) and even more remarkably, no significant damage to the neighbourhood. Then on a more gentle level, crumpets. Not sure how I never managed to make them before considering how straight forward they are but anyway the recipe needs tweaking a bit so I will publish it here when I’m done with it.
Next; Panettone enjoying popularity again, never made that either, the dough is in the fridge for the night so lets see how that works out and photos to follow.
And some chutney, that’s definitely not a first as we are never without onion chutney but this version is called Christmas chutney, why? yes good question, probably because it’s made in December.

and this weekend’s bread was fennel and caraway seed, 50% wholemeal flour, looking forward to some of that with cheese and chutney.

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