Toy Stories

Here are a couple from the latest batch of sock hounds ready for shipping to who knows where, recent sales have seen soft dogs dispatched as far a field as Australia, USA, Japan, and Finland.
This couple have announced they would like to go to the same home, they haven’t got names yet any suggestions? would you like to adopt them?


Read about this today about the up-coming exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, it’s from David Bailey and his personal selection from his photographs called Stardust looks definitely worth a visit and to see so many of his prints all in one place should be quite something. More about it on the NP Gallery’s site here

…and finally

Our laptop died today after several upgrades and new bits added to it over the past 9 years. I gave it to Frank to have a look at, he removed a few bits then got bored and went to sleep, when I asked him what he thought he said “Buy a new one” oh alright Frank.

2 thoughts on “Toy Stories

  1. Hi, Nick those lovely dog couple are they still available for adoption they're look real? Me i am interested to adopt them their new home will be in Switzerland how about that? I will give it as our present to our lovely daughter who loves and been dreaming to have an animal at home, unfortunately her dad is not an animal person ha ha ha our poor little girl……….so i guess it's a good surprise for her! Let me know if they are still for adoption. Missing you and Catch much. Your friends from Switzerland Gina and Martial 🙂


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