From open to closed sandwiches

So as the Scandinavian chapter comes to a close a chance to look back at some of the most (of many) memorable moments, so in no particular order here are a few:

Visiting beautiful places in all kinds of weather (Frank looked a bit miserable there he had lost his mate Max)

You’d think he’d perk up a bit with his new Swedish girlfriend wouldn’t you?
Mind you, Maggie didn’t look 100% sure in the beginning either!

 We hoped they’d get on together…..

…and they did (mostly)
Then the annual excitement of getting the logs in for winter

And that Volvo, it had 300,000 km on the clock when we bought it and still going strong 
but not sure where.
Living so close to not one but three different beaches!
and the many characters in the area, like Kai who sadly is no longer with us, he collected Amber from the beach some of it 30 million years old and made jewelry. He was kind enough to let me photograph him in his tiny workshop. 

We bought some

More to come……..
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