The Good, The not too Bad and the Ugly

So this is how it turned out.

The Good. The Sourdough starter did everything it was supposed to after 7 days of feeding and encouragement, the rhubarb with various amounts of rye, wholemeal and strong white flour had worked it’s evil magic and it was bubbly, smelly and very active. This is how it looked after 7 days. Happy.


The not too Bad.

The dough making process was tricky, it was extremey sloppy and difficult to handle, I used the bread maker to mix the dough (as I often do, poor thing it hasn’t actually produced and baked a loaf for years)

The prove was in two parts, once overnight in the fridge then into it’s basket and another prove for supposedly 8-10 hours. After 5 hours it looked ready so I prepared to turn it out on to the pizza stone which had pre-heated in the oven. It had stuck a bit on one side of the basket so as I lifted the basket off it pulled a bit on one side (like a sort of bread ear). It looked really soft and was spreading, I tried to slash it as instructed but to little avail. I shut the oven door and it baked.

Here it is after 40 minutes in the oven.

20806850375_2e33ed6af2_z 20184275214_98f0a060ac_z

Nice and crusty, good smell, very tasty and not looking too bad overall if a little flat. Here is how it looked inside. As I said not too bad for a first attempt.

Still happy.


The Ugly.

I made another one yesterday/today and it was disappointing, I made the dough a little less slack but even so, when it proved in the basket it stuck all round the edge so was virtually impossible to turn out and when it did it collapsed. When it came out of the oven it reminded me of a school geography lesson about hills during/after the ice age. Less happy.untitled-0007-2


The starter has now been carefully stored away in the fridge for another day.

Anyone who wants the recipe let me know.

3 thoughts on “The Good, The not too Bad and the Ugly

  1. Looking good! I suspect from the photos that the second was over proofed ? I baked on the weekend and one of my larger loaves went over- pasty looking crust and deflated when scored, still tastes good though!


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