Bourbon on the (not-so-real) rocks

I was very excited to have found these acrylic ice cubes on Amazon for less than $35 per cube which is what a professional photographer had said I should expect to pay (maybe there are bigger ones) but for what I wanted these were just perfect I tipped them out of the bag added some water for effect and flashed them with my new flash (more on that soon) how real do they look!!


So I set about making a photo of a Bourbon cocktail called an Old Fashioned which is traditionally; Bourbon, sugar, bitters, a splash of water and finished with orange and cherry.

It was a fairly complex setup which all but completely filled the living room and took hours to set up so if anyone is so inclined to try the same I will go in to more detail on how it’s done just let me know. Anyway here is the result.

And having gone to such effort with all the setup I took the opportunity to shoot today’s bread and the new addition to the family, he is newly stitched and as yet without a name, any suggestions?




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