Why I took flour to the movies

Another full week has flown past, last night we went to see Spectre at the cinema, I went straight from work and was running a little late due to the inevitable: engineering works/an earlier signal failure/leaves on the line etc etc. On the way from the station walking past Waitrose, I remembered we were nearly out of bread flour so popped in to get some, seems straight forward enough but that’s why I was the only one at the cinema with a bag of flour. After we got home I set about making some dough and then realised I had bought Canadian wholewheat flour instead of white so I made the same recipe but with 150gms of white flour (all I had left) and 350gms of wholewheat. Left to prove from 11pm last night until about 3pm today, then 2 hours in it’s basket and here it is after an hour in the oven. Happy. (and a good movie too)




Hang on a minute… what’s he doing

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