A flash of inspiration

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with the legendary photographer Joe McNally those of you not familiar with him (really?) you can read more about him here. Having read most of his books, watched most of his videos on youtube and subscribed to most of his tutorials and read most of his blog posts (you can see where this is going right?) I jumped at the chance of seeing him when he came to London, so I spent 6 hours with about 25 others at the Nikon Centre of Excellence learning about TTL speedlight flash photography and listening to Joe giving away tips and advice gained over many years of in the field assignments. It was very inspiring to say the least and having the chance to shoot live in setups both in the studio and out in the street whilst having Joe looking over your shoulder and coaching accordingly was well worth it.


Other highlights this week were the news that Gunilla from our very own hawkeshound store here pictured above was sold and is now winging her way to Newcastle. That brings the total of creatures sold to 40!

And then there was the finishing of this wonderful lampshade that adorns this floor standing solid wooden base from friends of ours in Denmark some years back.


and the usual sourdough adventure this time with flour from the Coop which yielded a slightly softer dough (10% wholewheat) than usual but tasty none-the-less. Here it is.


And as for old Moley I guess we’re stuck with him for now (Mrs Crazyhound says she’s going to make him a new outfit, can’t say he looks too impressed…)



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