Faces in places

Recently I have had a few requests for portraits in let’s say; less than ordinary locations, this type of photography is exciting for a number of reasons, it makes you think carefully about your lighting and how you can use it to emphasise or enhance the subject, sometimes there is no light there at all to start with so you have to add it yourself, another big factor with this type of shot is the direction required for the subject and the relationship you build and then there’s the time pressure it often forces you to think quickly. Finding a good and suitable location and spending some time there before your sitter arrives is key to being comfortable and ready for the time the actual main part of the photograph arrives!

In these locations below I have used small speedlight flashes with various means to either soften or direct the lighting depending on the desired result.

This first shot was fun, I had someone to hold a lightstand with umbrella and flash and position it over the water just above the subjects head  (I taped the flash to the stand as an extra insurance to prevent an accident!) I had to get really low, almost level with the water surface to get the prospective I was looking for.

_NCH6518-Edit-3 This next shot was a little more complex with a few lights and also someone throwing flour and small stones into the shot from the right to add to the drama of breaking a wall!


This last couple of shots were taken in the plant room where there were plenty of interesting backgrounds that are suited perfectly to an engineering portrait. As there was very little existing light I had to add some hard light for the background and softlight for the subject.



Thanks for stopping by, more soon.

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