A bit of a slow starter

I have noticed whenever I use a new recipe for Sourdough bread from the many great blogs and sites out there, the actual timings for mine are vastly different in reality. Sometimes I think yeah great to have a nice fresh baked loaf for lunch this Saturday and it comes out after baking at 1am on Sunday morning!

Well I think it’s my starter and whilst it produces a good tasty bread whenever called on it’s er, well, slow and particularly on the second rise when it’s in it’s basket.

I used a recipe yesterday from the Wild Yeast Blog called Norwich Sourdough here’s a link to it a fantastic looking loaf but took forever to rise before baking certainly far from the 2.5 hours quoted (and I do appreciate that these times can vary due to many circumstances but…) I tried the float test which means dropping a teaspoon of your starter into a glass of water and apparently if it floats then it’s ready to use and if it sinks then it needs more feeding. It kind of didn’t sink but didn’t float either just sort of hung there suspended.

So this week I will feed her more than usual and see if the results are different (and report back)

Below are the two loaves from yesterday, the one at the back of the shot is the Norwich


From here                                           to here took ages…


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