That was a wow moment (in bakery terms)


I have made quite few sourdough loaves with Audrey my starter who was born in August last year (you can read about her here) and some have been more successful than others but today was definitely a wow moment. This bread from start to finish was a triumph, I started it at 7pm on Saturday and baked it straight from the fridge on Sunday in time for breakfast. Here is the recipe although I cannot claim it as mine as it’s from the excellent blog Wildyeast a mine of information for all things bread and sourdough.

Recipe for great sourdough

450g strong white flour

60g rye flour

10g salt

180g starter 100% hydration

300g tap water

I suppose I should make it a couple of times before I can say it was not just luck but hey!

In other news …

Another handmade hound was finished today to keep Mr Brindle company you can learn more by visiting the Hawkeshounds Facebook page here

And a lemon drizzle cake that’s much better than Starbucks.

Thanks for visiting, more soon.

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