We had a great time in Paris for Cath’s birthday earlier this month, it was all shopping and eating and friends joined us from different corners of the world, fantastic! here are a few pictures, we also visited the Catacombes as we stayed near there, you can read more about that here.┬áIt was also great to revisit Fauchon once again where I did a stage many years ago when at that time the legendary Pierre Herme was chef Patissier, we make a point to try to have tea and cakes there whenever we are in Paris.

These two look like toytown, who knows why?

This was from the top of a big wheel at the end of the Champs Elysees.

Big as a house

For sure if I keep making all this bread and eating it fresh from the oven I will be as big as a house so thinking of houses the other day instead of baking that day we looked for a derelict house to photograph and with a little help from a friend we found one, it has been empty for years and we were lucky enough to meet a man there who remembers it when he was a child, (funny how he didn’t show up in any of the photos) he had lived nearby and told us a little of it’s history, in one room there was this newspaper on the floor, it’s difficult to read because: a) I only had a wide angle lens that day and b) It was in Swedish but the date of the paper was 1944. In estate agents terms the property “has great potential” “retains many original features” but undoubtably “requires some modernisation”