Seasonality in cooking has probably never been so much at the forefront of restaurants as it is now and whilst it’s not exactly brain science (yes hit me in the comments) it is surprising just how many places just don’t get it. Strawberries in December etc. etc.
I was fortunate enough to have access to a pastry kitchen the other night (what me in a pastry kitchen what were they thinking!) to set up a shot for an ad for a local hot chocolate specialty which is very seasonal especially as the wintry weather around these parts is starting to work it’s evil magic. Here is the image along with a couple of others I took at the same time, the over head version of the chocolate is a bit like a satellite version don’t you think?


Bread rolls and beer

I used beer instead of water in the dough for these rolls but the thing is the beer here from the supermarket is limited to a maximum of 3.5% alcohol so it doesn’t taste that beery, it looks like real beer but the taste is a bit on the watery side if you want to learn more about alcohol in Sweden…this from Wiki:

Sweden has a government alcohol monopoly called Systembolaget for sale of all beverages stronger than 3.5% by volume. Minimum purchase age at Systembolaget is 20 years, but 18 at restaurants and bars with proper permission.
Beer is legally divided into three classes. Class I (maximum 2.25%), called lättöl (“light beer”), is sold without restrictions (although shops often set their own age restrictions). Class II (up to 3.5%), called folköl (“people’s beer”), is sold in regular stores, but with the minimum purchase age of 18. Class III, starköl (“strong beer”, over 3.5%) is sold only in Systembolaget stores.
Here is some Guiness at 3.5% and another supermarket beer, I like the bit where it says “same great taste as the pub” never-the-less the rolls tasted great!

More on dark food

Some of you may remember this nerdy informative post from a while ago regarding dark field and bright field lighting well it turns out that this in theory I suppose is similar in principle and a quick glance at my recent food shots reveals that the majority of them with a mainly dark background could in fact be labeled as “dark food” what does that say about me?
I promise I will not mention this again…