Socks I have known (and worn)

You never know where your old socks are going to end up, well I know where mine do, they are filled with stuffing and lovingly stitched and crafted into unique sock creatures and then re-homed all over the world to families without sock creatures of their own! If you would like a pair of your retired socks up-cycled into something utterly cute then let me know and I’ll ‘ave a word with the missus…
For the full story and more crafty creatures and the like read more here  


For Sale

After carting it around from country to country, house to house, loft to loft, I have decided to sell the old analogue camera kit. It’s just amazing how old fashioned or retro it looks and feels, made of metal for a start and has a distinctly solid feel to it. I remember buying it back in the late 80’s (?) I traded in a Pentax, a Ricoh and a bunch of lenses just to get the money for the Nikon FA body only and stayed up nearly the whole night looking at it and reading the instruction manual! I’m selling it all together with a carry case so if anyone is interested shoot me a mail