Leaves a sour taste

Not really, but the longer the fermentation with Sourdough, the more developed the flavour it seems. When I look at the most recent run of loaves I have made (and photographed) it appears I may have over-done it on the lavendar linen, my wife Cath used dye on some French linen we acquired at a brocante in France on a recent visit and I think it sets off the golden brown crust a treat! There was no escape even for the Lemon cake. what do you say?

This was a loaf from last week which made possibly the most sensational toast we’ve ever toasted or tasted.


And here is my latest read which just arrived yesterday, I have been looking forward to this book it’s written by Vanessa Kimbell who runs www.sourdough.co.uk


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Lemon curd

I love making lemon curd, I love the smell of freshly grated lemon and just how quickly with a few simple ingredients you have a great spread to keep in the fridge and use for all kinds of delicious treats, spread it on bread, cakes, biscuits, add a spoonful to creme fraiche, yoghurt or just enjoy a spoonful! This is so simple it’s a recipe from the Guardian newspaper a few years ago by Nigel Slater
Try and get the best lemons you can, these I bought today were not.

Lemon cake reloaded

Here’s a couple from a bake and shoot I did yesterday, this cake is the lemon and thyme version not sure if I posted the recipe somewhere but let me know if you haven’t got it, I didn’t create it but have baked it lots of times, it is a winner with some creme fraiche or a spoon full of Greek yoghurt if you prefer the healthier option.
These shots were another experiment with light placement, compositions or rather components are different too, please let me know which you like best as a stand alone image.