Hello all and welcome to 2014 it’s going to be quite a year with one thing and another.
I have just finished reading a christmas present the autobiography of Suggs who was (if anyone didn’t know) the front man of the band Madness if you were a Londoner growing up during the late 70’s and early 80’s their music is very relevant and his book goes in to lots of the kind of stuff you will relate to, some of it very funny and some of it just very London. Details of the book on Amazon here.
One particular story I like is once during an open air concert in Finsbury Park in north London in 1992 there were in excess of 45,000 people who had come to see a reunion of the band and when they played “one step beyond” which is one of their classic hits, the resulting vibration of 45,000 pairs of feet dancing to the nutty ska sound actually registered 4.5 on the richter scale and led to 3 tower blocks being evacuated with the fear that it was a genuine earthquake!

Bakery wise, this week’s efforts saw the end of the Panettone which made a quite excellent bread and butter pudding with loads of plump, juicy raisins and vanillery custard with it and then this great bacon and cheese bread as pictured below which was lovely for breakfast still warm.

So just what have Frank and Maggie been up to this festive season? well here below is a small clue, for the full story and more pictures head over to the crazyhoundstore


Working with animals

We wanted some pictures of us with the dogs (as if we don’t have enough already!) so I made a simple set up with a soft box to camera left and a separation light on the collapsible background, then you just have to pick your moment and take plenty of shots! it’s always a laugh with Frank and Maggie, here are a couple of our favorites.

and it doesn’t always work exactly as you’d like…….

The 2 light portrait

Eager to practice a technique from a birthday present book, the gang were assembled on Sunday and living-room furniture was moved around appropriately, collapsible background was erected, flashes were charged and positioned, coloured gels added for mood and finally doggy treats added for Maggie who was sporting a new hairdo and who can be a little reluctant in such situations, anyway here are some of the results.