Adventures in a Swedish landscape

Well, where do I start with this one;

  • Foreground – felted models of Frank, Max and A.N.Others courtesy of crazyhoundstore
  • Background – Oil on canvas of a Swedish (presumably) country scene
  • Lighting – 1 accent light, snooted SB800 from camera right with 1/2 CTO gel through a spider plant to echo the dappled lighting in the picture behind and 1 SB800 also gelled bounced off white ceiling for overall fill.
  • Check out the dog on the right, what the heck is he doing?

On the mend

Here he is just 2 weeks after his operation, Max has been rediscovering his puppy hood with a somewhat belligerent attitude, his appetite has certainly returned and he has started to show some increase in his weight. He is up and downstairs and for the most part in good shape, we are keeping his exercise on the light side as recommended by the vet. We thought it appropriate to get some pictures so I duly set up some SB800’s, Cath was tasked with holding some dog biscuits just out of shot and the original plan was some nice portraits of Frank first and then Max but like the best laid plans it all got out of hand and Frank couldn’t control himself and as soon as the  biscuits appeared it all went a bit pear-shaped. Still, here are the best from the session, needless to say we are very happy to have Max and enjoy every minute with him!
In the last picture Frank is telling Max just what he thinks about the whole charade!