When chocolate is hot

The challenge was to shoot 2 glasses of spiced hot chocolate for a promotion, the glasses are insulated so you don’t burn your hands but we realised that when you put whipped cream on to real hot chocolate it melts and gets messy real quick, so we used a thicker mix for the chocolate and let it cool before adding the cream, also shooting on a white background to give a light fresh feel created challenges in itself, in other words to get definition on the edges of the double layers of glass.
I also chose to shoot slightly from above to see down into the glass, the extra space at the top of the picture was left to allow for the text to be added. Lighting wise I used a large softbox to the rear left, together with another flash from the same direction to keep the background clean and some white reflectors at the front.


dessert poster

dessert poster
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Have been busy with food pictures this weekend, and here is the result. Got some good light by firing an SB 800 through a white shower curtain from the back and slightly to the left and filled in the shadows with white foam board and some smaller cards covered with scrunched up silver foil (best of all I had to eat the desserts afterwards )