The Spring Equinox

 Like every year at this time on a clear moonlit night they gathered around the stones and waited

…and like every year nothing happened! sorry chaps it’s just a photo!
Today it’s the Spring Equinox at least according to Julius Caesar when he created his calendar back in 45 BC. In loose terms (according to some) it’s when the day and night are of equal length although today, here in Sweden however it means another rainy day as far as I have seen.
But we do have some Daffodils in the garden threatening to come out and the shrubbery is also looking about ready to green up. So this weekend will be the first official gardening weekend and no doubt the neighbour hood will be alive with the buzz of electric garden tools and the chug-chug-phut of poorly maintained mowers. Happy spring!


Sunny but cold

That’s how the weather man would describe today’s weather, it was as we say “fresh” on the beach this morning and the sea is still frozen out as far as the eye can see.
Good day for staying in, Maggie has taken to the newest creations from Hawkes’ Hounds (more on that here) and now hides amongst them when I get a camera out.

The subject of my still-life project today was these rather lovely wooden table boards, not sure what the official name is here but they are used as sideplates and the spade-like spoony looking things are used to spread butter, really nicely made and from not far from us along the coast in Trelleborg the manufacturer is a chap called Bengt Åkesson
I used a technique to light this picture which simulates dappled sunlight which is something we are particularly looking forward to around these parts!

…and finally

If you arrived here looking for my site I have put that site hosted by livebooks on hold for the moment and re-directed the URL to here. 
Still plenty of pictures to see on my Flickr page too.

Toy Stories

Here are a couple from the latest batch of sock hounds ready for shipping to who knows where, recent sales have seen soft dogs dispatched as far a field as Australia, USA, Japan, and Finland.
This couple have announced they would like to go to the same home, they haven’t got names yet any suggestions? would you like to adopt them?


Read about this today about the up-coming exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, it’s from David Bailey and his personal selection from his photographs called Stardust looks definitely worth a visit and to see so many of his prints all in one place should be quite something. More about it on the NP Gallery’s site here

…and finally

Our laptop died today after several upgrades and new bits added to it over the past 9 years. I gave it to Frank to have a look at, he removed a few bits then got bored and went to sleep, when I asked him what he thought he said “Buy a new one” oh alright Frank.

Socks I have known (and worn)

You never know where your old socks are going to end up, well I know where mine do, they are filled with stuffing and lovingly stitched and crafted into unique sock creatures and then re-homed all over the world to families without sock creatures of their own! If you would like a pair of your retired socks up-cycled into something utterly cute then let me know and I’ll ‘ave a word with the missus…
For the full story and more crafty creatures and the like read more here